Care & Key Moments of Life

Can we help?

Can we help?

At All Saints, we believe in caring for one another. But sometimes we face life situations where we need more.

Sometimes life is a struggle. Or we face sickness or loss or trying to work out what to do next.  

The Clergy Team are available to meet up with you to listen, offer advice, and pray – they can visit you or you can drop by for a coffee.  

Often life is good and joyful and we want to celebrate and thank God: like the birth of a baby or a new relationship or home.

The Clergy Team are also available to help you mark all these life events with Services:

  • Thanksgiving for a child and baptism
  • Blessing a new home
  • Weddings
  • Funerals – click here about the practicalities when someone dies in Luxembourg

Can we help? Start by calling the Chaplain, Rev Geoff Read: +352 621 199 242


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