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Meet & Welcome our new Curate & her husband!

Alison and Ben’s first Sunday at All Saints is 14th July. Meet them at ´between services´ hospitality at the Konvikt Chapel and/or the Welcome BBQ at the Vicarage in Bridel.

We will follow the ‘bring and share’ formula for the BBQ, so we invite everyone to bring whatever you would like to eat for yourself and if you are able to, a nut free salad or dessert to share.  We will provide condiments, water, crémant for a celebratory toast and a supervised BBQ for people who bring food that requires grilling.  If you´d like more information or to join us, please click the button and sign up!

The Youngish Adults Group Bring & Share Picnic

Join the All Saints Youngish Adults Group for a bring and share picnic on Sunday 21 July!

Register by clicking on the link if you´d like to attend; this will give us an idea of numbers and allow us to contact you if the weather is bad and we have to change the venue or cancel.  Hope to see you on the 21st!

Siren Prayer

The next Siren Prayer jointly hosted by All Saints and ACAT will be on Monday 5th August at 12:00; join us and pray with others in the KONVIKT CHAPEL, 5 avenue Marie-Thérèse, L-2132

Details on how to find the Konvikt Chapel can be found here

E-mail our Church Office if you need more information

Click here for the Siren Prayer & here for the Facebook page

Our Events

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.



Alpha is a series of sessions each exploring a different question about the Christian faith and how it connects with life. In each of the sessions we focus together on an important topic such as: Is there more to life than this? Who is Jesus? How can I have faith? How does God guide us? Why and how should I read the Bible? How can I pray?

We meet online (Zoom) on a week day (20:00 – 21:30). We begin each 90 minute session with a bit of a chat, watch a high-quality video together (English with subtitles) on a theme which is followed by a facilitated conversation where we can share our thoughts and questions in a safe space. Feel free to eat supper if needed while you take part! And the first session is a taster so if you find Alpha isn’t for you, just let me (Geoff) know.

We understand that people lead busy lives, so no problem if you may have to skip one or two.

We plan to run an online Alpha in Autumn 2024.

If you would like more information, please email Geoff

Caring for Creation

We hold events and discussions that look at both the big picture of the climate crisis and how that plays out at a local, daily level

We have an Environmental Officer, mark Creationtide each September, and have gained the A Rocha Silver Eco-Church award

For more information, email our Environmental Officer Marie Van Cranenbroeck – environment@anglican.lu

The Fallow Collective

The Fallow Collective

Fallow = “land ploughed but not seeded for a season to make  the soil richer.”
Collective = “done by people acting as a group”.

A new group at All Saints for those between jobs – mutual support & learning, perspective and prayer over lunch at the Vicarage on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Email Brian for more details.

Lions & Lambs

A weekly meet-up for parents/carers and their little one(s).

We meet on Thursday from 9:30 – 11:00 for some songs, a story and play; the meeting place changes each week. Bring along a piece of fruit for the children to share. Feel free to come and go as you need to.

Let us know if you would like to come along. We’d be happy to meet you!

Please contact Jo Lenglet via the Church Office – office@anglican.lu – for more information/confirmation of where to meet.

We are searching for new hosts in order to try & make Lions & Lambs more accessible for people around the country!  If you would like to open your home up for a Lions and Lambs session please do contact Jo. She will provide resources and can still lead the session.

Bible Study Groups

Ever wondered why the most sold book in the world is the Bible but why it’s a struggle to read it? Join one of our groups that will guide you in different ways to see how the world of the Bible connects with our day to day world today.

Bible and Breakfast

Fortnightly, online, time to share breakfast then read the Bible
and seek to see how it plays out in daily life

Midweek Bible Study

Fortnightly, online, digging deeper into the Bible

Women’s Bible Study

We meet monthly on Wednesday afternoons.

We will not be doing things written for women necessarily, but we will read what we read as women and in a safe space for women. All women are welcome! To find out more please contact Paula Lehtinen or Jane-Anne Frankel.

Please pray that our learning together will be prayerful and enlightening as well as full of invitation to practical application as we live out our faith in daily life.

Anglican Book Club

The Anglican Book Club (“ABC”) of Luxembourg meets 5-6 times a year to discuss chosen books and related themes. Our books generally have a Christian, philosophical and/or environmental dimension – and can include works of fiction. We aim for a broad balance between male and female authors. Meetings generally take place on Thursday evenings, usually via Zoom (which has proven to work well).

Please do join us!


Wellsprings is a Bible based meditative prayer group that meets once a month either online or in person.

Email Paula Lehtinen on office@anglican.lu for more  information

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